How To Start A Window Cleaning Business

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Hello, my name is Simon and I have been in the window cleaning business for 5 years, and I’m already earning 80 000$ a year, that includes the winters off! I will be sharing with you guys a step by step guide on how to start a window cleaning business, give you some window cleaning tips and how you can earn up to 65$-80$/hr.

Lets start with a business name…

… this part is pretty easy. You have 2 choices, if you want to start small and have 0-2 employees you might want to go with something nice and easy like “your name” Window Cleaning for example; Simon’s Window Cleaning. If you want to go big and be creative you might want to go with something like Sunshine Window Cleaning. You need a name that stands out and is easy to remember! And what every you do, DO NOT use something like Simon’s Services because people who see your advertising won’t know what your business is about and you will have an array of clients calling for painting, grass cutting, gardening, cleaning, poop & scoop, etc… What ever you pick, make sure you are not misleading them. I recommend that you use “Window Cleaning” somewhere in your business name.

Now let’s talk about what you are really here for – THE MONEY! And how you can start making $300-$500 on your first day.

In this section I will tell you how I made 450$ on my first day (without taking off any cloths!)

At 9:30am I started going door to door in my neighborhood to try and sell my window cleaning services. You have to start this early so that if you line up a job, you can come in the afternoon and get it done.

-You – Hi, how are you?
-Client – Good and yourself
-You- Good and thank you for asking. My name is _________ and I’m the owner of Sunshine window cleaning. I was wondering if you would be interested in my services.

3 things can happen from here, they will say no, yes or will bombard you with questions. If they say NO, and they are in no way interested in hearing you say another word – tell him you will provide him with a free estimate. If they are still not interested, simply say “thanks for your time, and have a great day.” If he says yes, tell them you will go around the house, price it, give an estimate and ask him if he would like it done today. If he says anything like “I don’t think so”, “Maybe later”, “No (with hesitation)” ask if you can take their number and call them at a later time, if they do not want to give you their number. Simply pass them your card and write your estimate on the back.. Always give them a business card, even if you din’t get the job. It will also get your name out and that’s what you want! If they don’t need their windows cleaned pass them your card and let them know you would be happy to provide their family members and friends with a free estimate. Now if you don’t get any jobs within 2 days try another neighborhood. Don’t give up! But if that doesn’t work, you can always advertise.

Advertising is another key element to a successful business. I’m going to start with business cards, these are a must! Pick a nice design, include business name, slogan if you have one, your name, number, email or website. You can also get some postcard, I use these to pass around in a neighborhoods mail boxes. I have lawn signs, I always carry one with me and set it up when ever I’m cleaning someone’s windows to show their neighbors that I’m doing the windows. This does help with referral jobs since their neighbors might come see you and ask you to give a estimate for their house. For my business I also get a lot of lawn signs and I zip tie them to telephone poles or street lights at big intersection, this will get you a lot of business!. To make my look very professional I got some business t-shirts with my business name, logo and number and some baseball caps since the sun can get bright. And if you really want EVERY one to know that you exist, get a wrap around design on your car! People see your car and call! It’s probably the best bang for your buck advertising, this might cost you like 250-500$ but its well worth it. We have talked about business name, how to make money on your first day and advertising, now lets talk about tools.

My favorite place to buy my tools is They have every thing you can possibly think of and every brand. Here’s the list of things I have in my tool box.

Squeegee Handles
Squeegee Channels
Squeegee Rubber
Washer Sleeves
PolesBelt Bucket
Holsters and Belts
Towels, Sponges, Scrim and Steel Wool
Window Cleaning Solution

Your main squeegee consists of a squeegee handle, channel and rubber. I have a 18″, 12″ and 8″ squeegee. The 18″ is for large windows, 12″ is my main squeegee and 8″ is for small windows. Now the T-bar and washing sleeve is what you will be using to apply you window cleaning solution. I have this in the 18″ and 12″, I don’t have it in 8″ because I just use the end of my 12″ to apply window cleaning solution. The scraper is to scrape off just about anything off the windows, MAKE SURE SURFACE IS WET!! Don’t scrape like a maniac! The last thing you want is a unsatisfied customer, calling you non-stop to replace their window! Extension pole is pretty obvious, clean windows out of reach. Your tool belt consists of belt bucket, holsters and belt. This is where your all your window cleaning tool go when you are climbing up and down the windows. The towels, sponge, scrim are self explanatory. The steel wool (very fine-000) is to remove debris that your solution couldn’t remove. You will also need 3 ladders, you can start with 2 of them, 8′ladder and 24′ ladder. The 3rd ladder is your 32′ ladder. The window cleaning solution is different for every one but the Titan Glass 4 is a best seller.

Now I will be teaching you how to price a house, it’s a lot easier than you think. I price according to how many small, medium and large windows are on ea floor. The first (window that you don’t need ladder) floor prices are 2$ small, 4$ medium and 6$ large. The second (within reach of your 8′ or 24′ ladder) floor prices are 4$ small, 8$ medium and 12$ large and the third floor (32′ ladder) 6$ small, 12 medium and 16$ large. Now you walk around the house, make down how many of ea, do the math and you know have you quote. You also might want to bring the price up according to the difficulty of the house. If they want the inside of the house , every window on every floor are prices at 2$ small, 4$ medium and 6$ large. You can also offer to clean their window screens, 4$ea. What I try do do is clean my clients windows more than once a year I offer a 10% discount every time they get their windows cleaning a year. So if they want it done twice and your first time quote is 250$ well the second time will be 225$ that way they think their saving money, which they are, but their spending more and that’s what you want. I got a client who wants to get their windows cleaning 4 times a year because of that discount! when it comes to actually getting the job done always start with the inside because when you clean those double hung window, the water sometimes drip on the outside and when you clean the outside it doesn’t drip on the inside. I use the “fanning” technique to wash the windows. You can go to and search “fanning window cleaning” this is the technique your going to use just about every time. Now practice on your windows until you master it! Once the window is cleaned if you see any debris on your window wet the area and use your scraper and re-clean. This will get your windows to look perfect and that’s what your aiming for.

Once your all done walk around the house with your client, make sure he’s 100% satisfied. If he is not, re-clean window until he gives you the ok. Before leave make sure you leave him some cards and say “For every client you refer to me, I will give you an additional 10% off next time I clean your windows. 10 clients means you get your windows cleaned for free.” People will always go the extra mile if you give them discount. If you have any questions please or need some window cleaning tips contact me info(at)makemoneywindowcleaning(dot)com and I will answer your questions or if you would like me to add more details in some area.


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